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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


DUBAIS Berlin, Germany

Lo Fi Dark DIsco. Dubais is the Arabfuturist multimedia music project of visual artist, cultural activist, and musician Nadia Buyse.

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Track Name: Suitcases
all's well that ends well, a dry spell, a dry spell.
is it nature or just the nature of feelings... I can't help the tears from streaming as Im left here fleeing
suitcases left behind.
Track Name: Having a great time and I wish you were here
having a great time and I wish you were here
but maybe I don't because im living in fear
I can't remember the last time that I
didn't wake in the morning and just start to cry
I know I cant just smoke these things away
but I do what I can just to make it today
just to remember to feel the wind in your hair
and know that someday you wont fucking care
someday somewhere out there.... out there
Track Name: Affirmations
I want to be Perfect
I want you to notice me
I want to heal a broken world
I want to be uncompromising
I don't want to be selfish
I want to keep vulnerability
I won't take things for granted
I'm not obsessed with my own legacy
Track Name: California
The smog hides the mountain
I think it used to be so beautiful
internal feelings reflecting outside my window
talk about beaches we go to
crescent city is just right the road
I love to stay here but it always seems we have to go

Is this the last time I see you?
Lifeless eyes have no where to sleep
but there's nothing but desert as far as I can see
make a post from the Highway
digital garbage from the side of the road
are we back in San Francisco?

are you home?
Track Name: Millennial Whoop
I fear these are my Reagan years but I guess it don't mean much to me
I got no home and 2.5 phones social capitol at capacity
my eyes are wide open
the future is dead
but I can tell the whole wide world from the comfort of my bed
We were raised by iPads
We were raised by MTV
Track Name: Make America Hate again
Oh these sleepless nights
how can I rest when Im not by your side
I try and I try
to find the beauty from all the tears I cried
I hope we don't forget even though Im haunted by all my past regrets
I see the effect of permanence in everything you left